Rangers-Capitals Game 6 Thoughts: Extend the Season

Editor’s note: These Thoughts are short because of my attendance at Game 6.

Two days later, tickets for Game 6 somehow fell to $65 just over two hours before the game. I would guess a combination of Mother’s Day and the idea of impending doom surrounding the Rangers would lead to the fall in tickets that were listed as $125 face value.

I went into Game 6 knowing that the first goal was likely going to win the game and if the Capitals scored first it was going to be painful watching the clock wind down on the 2012-13 Rangers.

One goal ended up being the difference in the game and Henrik Lundqvist had the best game of his career to date with a 27-save shutout. And that one goal happened because of Rick Nash’s strength on the puck and his inability to go down or dive like so many other stars in the league would have eagerly done in the same spot. Nash’s was able to fend off two hooks down the right boards and into the Washington zone, which started the forecheck on what would eventually turn into Derick Brassard’s goal.

So it was Lundqvist and Nash, the two players responsible for the Rangers being in the postseason, that kept their season alive for at least on more game. I said after Game 2 that I didn’t think it would be possible for this Rangers team to go at least 4-1 for the rest of the series and avoid elimination, but they’re now 3-1 and one win from starting over.