Podcast: Brian Monzo

Since the 2004-05 lockout, it’s taken an average of 92.3 points to make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. I looked that up and did some math to come up with that number back on March 17 when the Rangers were 36-29-4 and coming off a devastating 1-0 home loss to the Sharks. The Rangers had 13 games left in the season and were going to need to win at least eight of them to have a chance at the playoffs. I was skeptical and wasn’t sure if I would get to watch playoff hockey this year or have to hate-watch playoff hockey this year. But since March 17, the Rangers have gone 7-1-0 and have 90 points, and if the math holds true, they need to win just one of their last five games to make the playoffs. So in honor of the Rangers’ recent run, I decided to do a podcast with person who told me with 13 games left that an 11-2-0 run wasn’t out of the question.

WFAN Mike’s On: Francesa on the FAN producer Brian Monzo joined me to talk about how Martin St. Louis has impacted the Rangers in a way Ryan Callahan never could, whether Alex Burrows’ hit on Ryan McDonagh was dirty and deserving of a suspension and if the Rangers can compete with the Bruins and Penguins in the playoffs.