Awarding a Memorable First Half

Four days without Yankees baseball in the middle of the summer feels like an eternity. The Home Run Derby was as boring as always, and if the Yankees are to defend their title this fall, they are going to have to do it without home-field advantage thanks to the loss in the All-Star Game. With […]

Remembering Two Legends

With the loss of two Yankees legends in the span of three days, I thought it would be fitting to talk to Steve Lombardi, founder of the Yankees blog,, and a follower of the Yankees since George Steinbrenner’s first season as owner of the Yankees, back in 1973. Keefe: You have been following the […]

Grading A.J. Burnett

You didn’t need to stay up on Monday night to know how bad A.J. Burnett was against the Diamondbacks. After his previous three starts prior, you probably could have guessed how his night would go. I was naïve to think that someone making $500,000 per start could shut down the worst team in the NL […]

Making the Most Out of Mariano

On Tuesday night at the Yankees game, the first few notes of “Enter Sandman” descended upon the Bronx, Mariano Rivera began his trip to the mound from the bullpen and my friend Redz turned to me and said, “So sick.” The expression isn’t always “so sick,” but every time No. 42 makes his way into […]

Mayday in May for the Yankees

I can’t stand when the Yankees have days off. I hate is so much that I look at the schedule in advance to find the stretches during the season in which they play the most consecutive games. This last stretch lasted 17 games, but after a 7-10 record, and watching a chance to be in […]

Judging the New Yankees

There is no one in the world that I like to see fail at their job worse than Jonathan Papelbon. A Yankees win is enough for me to have a great night and feel good about life. A Yankees win over the Red Sox that comes at the expense of Papelbon is my version of […]

A Long Line of Lefty Losers

I hate Boone Logan. Some say “hate” is too strong of a word, but when it comes to Boone Logan, I just don’t think any other word could justify my feelings about his pitching. Maybe it’s unfair to hate a guy who doesn’t decide when he is brought into games, and maybe it makes sense […]

Time to Bury Boston

When Andy Pettitte left Wednesday’s game after the fifth inning and 77 pitches, I thought I might have seen No. 46 walk off the field for the last time ever. Hearing “tightness in the elbow” with 37-year-old lefties who have been mulling retirement for four years is like hearing “broken leg” for a fallen horse […]

Bald Vinny and the Bleachers

I can only remember a handful of times over the last seven or eight seasons that I have been to Yankee Stadium and haven’t sat in the right field bleachers. Vinny Milano is responsible for that. Milano, known as “Bald Vinny” to Yankees fans, has been the face of the Bleacher Creatures over the last […]

The Early-Season Blame Game

Is it too early in the season to get on tilt? I don’t think so. Up until Joe Girardi took out Phil Hughes with two outs in the sixth inning, I was feeling good. Then Boone Logan (who wasn’t good enough to make the team out of spring training but was now being asked to […]