No Help From Javier

I hate when the Yankees have off days, especially when they are running on all cylinders and playing like they might never lose again. But without Yankees baseball on Monday, I got a chance to watch the Mets begin a stretch of games that will ultimately determine whether or not Jerry Manuel will have to […]

The 2010 All-Animosity Team

The Yankees’ series win over the Angels felt too easy. It was strangely and almost eerily easy. Sure the Yankees nearly blew both their wins over the Halos with a shaky bullpen and some shakier managing, but they came away with the series win despite those things. Even though the Yankees won their third series […]

Rangers’ Postseason Bubble Bursts

Of course it came down to a shootout. And of course it was the play of Henrik Lundqvist that allowed the Rangers to even get that far. But in the end, the same problem the Rangers dealt with all season wound up ending their season in Game 82: scoring goals. Sunday’s loss to the Flyers […]

A Yankee Fan at Fenway, Part II

In 2003, Pedro Martinez allowed just two extra-base hits off 0-and-2 counts prior to Game 7 of the ALCS. But when Hideki Matsui doubled off Martinez on 0-and-2 in the famous eighth-inning comeback, he became the second hitter in three at-bats to hit an extra-base hit off Martinez with Derek Jeter having doubled on 0-and-2 […]

A Yankee Fan at Fenway

A Yankee Fan at Fenway

This column was originally posted on April 7, 2010. When I got off the Amtrak regional train at Back Bay station in Boston, the first person to make eye contact with me was a man wearing a Dustin Pedroia shirt, and he obviously noticed my Yankees hat. He mouthed something to me, but with Eddie […]

Opening Day Butterflies

Opening Day Butterflies

The Yankees will no longer be world champions on Sunday night They will be defending world champions. And the only thing harder than winning a championship is winning back-to-back championships.

Hope Remains With Rangers

I feel like Andy Dufresne using the meaning of hope to tell Red of his plans to escape Shawshank Prison. Except I’m not trying to escape Shawshank Prison, I’m trying to escape the 2009-10 Rangers. On Thursday night with under a minute left, Mike Sullivan drew up a play for the Rangers’ offensive-zone faceoff. The […]

A Face-Lift for the NHL Playoffs

The odds of filling out a perfect NCAA bracket are 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 to 1. I’d like to think the odds of not getting a shot on goal during a four-minute power play are close to the same. But that’s what happened on Sunday when Marian Gaborik got high-sticked by Zdeno Chara, and the Rangers wasted a […]

Five Things from the First Round

March Madness is rarely ever madness. It’s usually more like March Mediocrity. For a tournament based around the upset, the impossible comeback, the feel-good story and the half-court buzzer-beater, it’s a tournament that is hardly ever defined by these things. Thursday was unlike any first-round day I can remember. It had everything you could ask […]

Rangers Running Out of Time

On Tuesday, there were several possibilities for how the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings would look at the end of the night. The Rangers were in a position to take over possession of the eighth and final spot in the East (a k a the chance to lose to the Capitals in the first […]