Yankees Podcast: Aaron Boone Couldn’t Get Through Five Games without Bullpen Mismanagement

In his third year, the Yankees maanger hasn't improved as a bullpen manager

The Yankees are 4-1 and have the best record in baseball through the first week of the season. They were going to be a postseason team even before the postseason field was increased from five teams to eight. But the goal isn’t to get to the postseason. The goal is to win the postseason, something the Yankees haven’t done in more than a decade.

Before the season, I said I was going to be patient and understanding and wouldn’t get upset with Aaron Boone. I said I was going to accept his managerial ways even if they are at times confusing, frustrating and nonsensical. Well, it didn’t even take five full games for me to scrap my plan. After Boone’s bullpen management in Baltimore, I had no choice.


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