Rangers Podcast: The Six Years Since the Final

The Kings didn't waste their championship window of opportunity

While the Rangers were picking up a 4-1 win over the Kings on Sunday night at the Garden, I couldn’t help but think back to nearly six years ago when the two teams met in the Cup Final. I preached back then about the Rangers needing to win that series because you never know when or if the team is going to get back there, and since then, they haven’t been back. While the Rangers have been rebuilding for the last few seasons, the Kings have started their own rebuild as well. The difference is Kings fans can look back on recent happy memories as their team got the job done during its window of opportunity.

Jesse Cohen of All The Kings Men joined me to talk about the Kings’ trade of Jack Campbell and Kyle Clifford to Toronto, what’s happened to the team since their last championship, the team’s recent head coach carousel, if the franchise’s organizational shift is the right plan, why Ilya Kovalchuk didn’t work out in Los Angeles and current Kings who might not be Kings two weeks from now.