Podcast: Bob Ryan

Bob Ryan

Growing up in southern Connecticut, the New York sports media was what I grew up with. But then after going to college in Boston and living there and interning and working in the sports media there, I became accustomed with the coverage of Boston sports.

There are very few people I have to listen to on TV or radio or read online or in print. Bob Ryan has always been one of them. I have said that if I could get a cooler of beers and sit on a porch or deck somewhere and talk sports, the four people I would want to join me are Bob Ryan, Jim Kaat, David Cone, and of course, Bobby Orr. Now I just need to get all four of them in the same place at the same time.

The Boston Globe columnist and ESPN personality Bob Ryan joined me to talk about his book Scribe: My Life in Sports, the evolution of sports media and reporting, being able to root for team as a writer, covering Larry Bird and Bobby, the old Boston Garden, the 2004 ALCS, the opposite perceptions of A-Rod and David Ortiz and the career of Pedro Martinez.