Giants-Cowboys Week 9 Thoughts: Another Game Played Means Another Loss

The Giants played, which means the Giants lost

I didn’t think the Giants would beat the Cowboys on Monday night. My opinion didn’t change when Dak Prescott was intercepted on the first play of the game. It didn’t change when the Giants took a 3-0 lead. It didn’t change when Brett Maher missed a go-ahead field goal. It didn’t change when Randall Cobb fumbled. It didn’t change when the Giants took a 9-3 lead and then a 12-3 lead. It didn’t change when the Cowboys screwed up, which they did a lot of, because I knew the Giants would screw up more in the end, and they did, and they lost 37-18.

The moment the Giants couldn’t take advantage of a first-and-Goal situation from the 7 after the Prescott interception to start the game, the result was inevitable. The Giants turned two Cowboys turnovers into a combined six points as they couldn’t cash in in the red zone, Aldrick Rosas missed another extra point, Daniel Jones had three more turnovers and Pat Shurmur lost another unwinnable challenge. It was the New York Football Giants’ weekly superfecta as the game had every ingredient for a recipe for another Giants loss.

The Cowboys aren’t good. Four of their five wins are against the Giants (twice), Dolphins and Redskins, and they are the same team that lost to the Jets three weeks ago. They played as sloppy and undisciplined of a game imaginable and still came away with a 19-point win because of how much worse the Giants were and are. Had the Cowboys put together that kind of effort against the league’s better teams they would have been the team losing by three scores.

The Giants need to play near-perfect football like they did against the Redskins or be gifted a win like they were against the Buccaneers to do anything other than lose at this stage of their rebuild. Jones is nowhere near ready to lead a competitive team, the offensive line is nowhere near ready to being competitive, the defense can’t put together a complete-game effort and is mostly lost and the head coach is about as qualified for his job as Bradley Jackson is for hers on The¬†Morning¬†Show.

Another week, another game, another expected loss for the Giants which resulted in a loss. The same story keeps getting told each week for a team that has lost 30 of its last 40 games, with another loss in the postseason, and is 40-65 since 2013. The team is now 7-17 under Shurmur, and while any successful coach would be discouraged by a .500 record, Shurmur can only dream of such an accomplishment.

If there are any Shurmur fans or supporters out there … why? How can you support and root for a guy who does nothing but lose an NFL head coach? Not just with the Giants, but anywhere. A head coach who can’t seem to design plays or a plan to properly utilize the most dynamic offensive player in the sport. A head coach who continues to make the same mistakes, place blame and not accept responsibility for what is another lost Giants season.

The only bright spot from the Giants’ performance in yet another loss to the Cowboys is that they continue to improve their draft status and make it harder for Shurmur to retain his job for 2020. I have no idea how ownership can even think for a second about bringing Shurmur back next season. Like Brian Cashman said about Sonny Gray before trading him, “I don’t feel like we can go through the same exercise and expect different results,” there’s no way the Giants can think Shurmur is magically going to find ability as a head coach next season. The front office let Shurmur ruin two seasons too many and they can’t allow him to ruin a third straight.

All there’s left for the Giants to do this season is to lose and keep losing. Get Jones and the young defense game experience along the way, and most importantly, keep on losing. The Giants might not have the right head coach to lead them in the future, but they have the right head coach for this season. They have the right head coach to lose and keep losing.