Scavenger Hunt Yankees Trivia: April 15, 2021

Test your Yankees knowledge and research abilities and win $500

About Scavenger Hunt Trivia
Using your own knowledge of the Yankees and any other resource (Baseball-Reference,, friends, family, etc.), answer 20 questions related to the team. These aren’t ordinary questions with simple answers like “What number did Derek Jeter wear?” These questions are layered and will involve some research to answer. Here is a sample question:

Of the last five players to wear Number 2 before Derek Jeter, which player had the highest career on-base percentage?

Be the first to answer all 20 questions correctly and win $500.

How to Play
The entry fee is $10 per team. (Sign up and enter your team here.)

You can play by yourself or have as many teammates as you would like. You can enter until 7 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 15, which is one hour before the event begins.

At 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 15, the 20 questions will be posted HERE on the page you are on right now: You will submit your answers on the same page along with your team name.

After you have answered all 20 questions, submit the Google Form for your team (only one answer form per team). Once you submit, your answers are final. No edits are allowed. You can submit your answer form up to 24 hours after the game has started. Even if you send your answers in after a few hours or the next day, you could still win if earlier submissions didn’t answer all 20 questions correctly.

The results and winning team will be posted on Keefe To The City ( as soon as there is a winner.

1st Place: $500
2nd Place: Free entry into a future Keefe To The City Scavenger Hunt Trivia
3rd Place: Free entry into a future Keefe To The City Scavenger Hunt Trivia

Enter your team
Sign up and test your Yankees knowledge on Friday, April 2 here.

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