Yankees Podcast: Joe Girardi Trying to End Phillies’ World Series Drought He Started

The 2009 World Series was the last time either team was in the Fall Classic

It’s now been more than a decade since the Yankees and Phillies met in the 2009 World Series and neither team has been back to the World Series since then let alone won a championship. While the Yankees have been to the four ALCS since 2009 and have contended for a return to the World Series, the Phillies are going on a ninth straight year without a playoff appearance. I didn’t see this coming when both teams were on top of the baseball world.

Matt Higgins of CBS Philadelphia joined me to talk about the Phillies hiring former Yankees manager Joe Girardi, the Phillies’ bullpen still being a major issue, the free-agent signings of Didi Gregorius and Zack Wheeler, looking back on the 2009 World Series and subsequent offseasons and expectations for the upcomning season.


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