Podcast: Ryan Brandell

New York Rangers at Chicago Blackhawks

The Rangers are the team to the beat in the Eastern Conference. The Blackhawks are the team to beat in the Western Conference. That means we’re set up for the Rangers-Blackhawks Stanley Cup Final we nearly got last year, and if that had been the case, the Rangers would be defending champions. OK, so maybe we won’t get a Rangers-Blackhawks Final this year, but it’s a very real possibility and this Sunday’s game could be a preview of what’s to come this spring.

Ryan Brandell of Barstool Sports Chicago (known as “Chief” on that site), joined me to talk about the state of the Rangers and Blackhawks following the trade deadline, what it’s like to be the team to beat in the playoffs and how the playoffs will now be more business than fun after the Rangers’ run last year.