Podcast: Ryan Brandell

Chicago Blackhawks

It’s the holiday season and that means Christmas, New Year’s and the Road to the NHL Winter Classic. What used to be part of 24/7 on HBO is now on EPIX, but it’s as good as it could be without Leiv Schreiber narrating it. The four-episode series is once again must-see TV and even though we have to sit through the Capitals and their boring roster and personalities, we do get to go behind-the-scenes with the Blackhawks.

Ryan Brandell of Barstool Sports Chicago (known as “Chief” on that site), joined me to talk about the first episode of the series, Joel Quenneville’s extensive vocabulary on the bench, former Rangers Michal Roszival, Daniel Carcillo and Brad Richards and what life’s like as a Blackhawks fan these days.