Podcast: Danny Picard

Jon Lester

The only way I wanted Jon Lester to return to the AL East as as a member of the Yankees, but since that apparently was never really an option, I’m ecstatic that Lester is out of the division and out of the American League and most importantly, not in Boston. If the Red Sox were able to re-sign Lester after their embarrassing offer to him last year, I would have been devastated knowing that the Red Sox could treat a homegrown pitcher and a face of their franchise like dirt and then get him back anyway. Fortunately, Lester didn’t go back to the Red Sox and now he’s a Cub.

Danny Picard, host of The Danny Picard Show on WEEI and of Comcast SportsNet New England, joined me to talk about Jon Lester choosing to sign with the Cubs over the Red Sox, what led to Lester leaving Boston in the first place and what the team’s plans are now that they lack a stable rotation.