Podcast: Bald Vinny

Bald Vinny

The Yankees have a new face of the franchise. That face is Alex Rodriguez. With the Core Four now all gone and Derek Jeter not in the everyday starting lineup anymore, a new era of Yankees baseball starts on Monday in the Bronx. As for Vinny Milano, known as Bald Vinny of the right field Bleacher Creatures and the leader of Roll Call, and the Bleacher Creatures, well, it’s a new era for them too.

Bald Vinny joined me to talk about his future as a Bleacher Creature and the future of Roll Call, the status of the Bald Vinny‚Äôs House of Tees, the theory as to why Yankee Stadium is frequently empty, what’s missed most in the bleachers at the new Stadium from the old Stadium, why he roots for Alex Rodriguez and doesn’t root against Mark Teixeira and expectations for this season.

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