MLB Bets: Wednesday, April 27

This last week has been amazing. Seven winning days in a row. It must be the new baby. If that’s the case, I’m going to need to have more kids.

Here are the bets for Wednesday, April 27.

Astros -110 over Rangers
The Astros have been horrible this season and the absence of Jose Altuve has played a big part. They can’t score, their pitching has been blah and their bullpen is shaky. I can’t say I’m upset to see the Astros losing at the rate they are because who wants to see the Astros succeed except their owns fans? And in terms of gambling, their putrid start to the season has books putting out lines like this one in which they are -110 against a horrible Rangers team. These kinds of lines aren’t going to last forever for the Rangers.

Yankees -250 over Orioles/Brewers -170 over Pirates (+122)
Unfortunately, when the Yankees play the Orioles you have to stick them with someone. Unless you really want to lay 2.5 times your money only to be letdown when the offense doesn’t show up. Tonight, it’s the Brewers getting the pairing for the parlay.

The Yankees are finally starting to look like the Yankees, and the Orioles continue to look like the Orioles. In actuality, -250 is too favorable, even for a Major League Baseball game.

I don’t really trust the Brewers, but it’s not hard to trust a team playing the Pirates. The worst days of the season are when there are matchups like Pirates-Reds and Orioles-Royals and wasted opportunities to bet against bad teams. You can’t waste those opportunities and this is one of them.

Yesterday: 2-0