MLB Bets: Monday, April 25

The Yankees are off tonight as is most of the league with just seven games on the schedule.

Here are the bets for Monday, April 25.

Blue Jays -125 over Red Sox
I waited and waited last year for the Red Sox to play like the team on paper suggested they should be. They never did. Instead, they won 92 games, the one-game playoff, upset the Rays in the ALDS and were on their way to taking a commanding 3-1 lead in the ALCS before Jose Altuve changed the series. The Red Sox we have seen in 2022 are what I thought the 2021 Red Sox would be: a team with a mediocre pitching staff and a top-heavy lineup. These Blue Jays never be just -125 at home against these Red Sox.

Red Sox-Blue Jays Under 8.5 (-115)
It’s rare that I have separate bets on a winner and the total in the same game, but tonight I do. Jose Berrios and Nathan Eovaldi can both be trusted in this critical AL East matchup, which should have a playoff-like atmosphere to it with the importance of every AL East divisional game this season. The bullpens of both teams are shaky (which is the Yankees’ biggest advantage against both of these teams), and so I’m going to need really strong starts from Berrios and Eovaldi, so some late bomb from the lengthy list of power hitters in this one doesn’t force an over.

Astros -130 over Rangers
The Astros haven’t been good in 2022, but still, only -130 against the Rangers? It’s too good not to take.

Mets -135 over Cardinals
The Cardinals are a team I normally shy away from because they screw me if I bet on them and they screw me when I bet against them. The Mets have been great this season and so has Max Scherzer. Any time you can get Scherzer with as favorable of a line as -135, you have to take it.

Dodgers-Diamondbacks Under 8.5 (-105)
You can never feel too confident betting against garbage teams like the Diamondbacks because even though starter Merrill Kelly is good, the Diamondbacks bullpen will eventually have an impact on the game, and they could single-handedly ruin an under. I’m going to need Kelly and Walker Buehler to both be on their game to prevent the Diamondbacks’ relievers from destroying the amazing value here.

Yesterday: 3-2