Giants-Lions Week 8 Thoughts: Another Disappointment

The Giants lost again because that's all they ever do

I expected the Giants to lose on Sunday because that’s what the Giants have done for the last seven seasons: lose. Because I no longer expect the Giants to win from week to week and because I expect them to either get embarrassed, blown out or collapse, it’s made watching them easier. It hasn’t been enjoyable, it’s just been stress-free and care-free not expecting them to win the way they used to eight-plus years ago. It’s relaxing to watch the Giants play and not care about the outcome of their games since the outcomes for their games for the rest of the season don’t matter and because the outcomes of their game are mostly losses.

When Daniel Jones thew a backwards pass to no one that the Lions were able to pick up and run in for a touchdown, I laughed. When the Giants subsequently went three-and-out and the Lions converted a third-and-15 for a 49-yard pass, I laughed. When Aldrick Rosas missed an extra point for a chance to tie the game at 14, I laughed. When the Giants turned it over on downs twice later in the game and did just enough to nearly complete the two-score comeback, but still lost, I laughed. I did a lot of laughing watching the Giants because that’s all there is to do at this point. Laugh at an organization that’s become a joke.

A week after not being prepared for the Cardinals despite a 10-day layoff, the Giants dug themselves a 14-point deficit in the first quarter. The offense put up 19 points (and it would have been 20 if not for Rosas’ miss), which was the second-most they have scored this season, only having scored more in their Week 3 win over the Buccaneers when they put up 32. The defense allowed another quarterback to throw for over 300 yards against them (342).

It was another winnable game for the Giants that they lost. It’s a theme that become all too familiar over the last few years for a team that simply doesn’t know how to win. The Giants are now 2-6 this season and 7-17 under Pat Shurmur, the biggest loser of them all. And even though their second-half schedule is much easier than their first, I don’t expect the team to suddenly change its culture or identity and start winning. Not with this head coach.

The loss to the Lions was another game off the schedule. Another game gone in this miserable season and another game closer to next season when maybe the Giants will have a new head coach. For the rest of this season though, expect more games like Sunday: winnable games that slip away.