The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

With the city about to become sports crazy with the combination of early-season baseball games mixed with playoff hockey and basketball, it’s time for some random thoughts.

Giants Will Win And Championship Picks

Two down. One to go. That’s all that’s left for the Giants to return to the Super Bowl. One win. One win! I never thought the Giants would be here. No one did. How could you when they were 9-7 and losing games to Rex Grossman (twice) and Charvaris Whiteson and Vince Young? I just […]

Big Blue One Giant Step Away

If Tony Romo doesn’t overthrow Miles Austin on third-and-5 with a little over two minutes left in Dallas in Week 14, I’m not as a happy as I am right now or was all day on Monday or on Sunday night. But because Tony Romo is who he is as a quarterback, I have that […]

NFL Divisional Round Picks

Last Sunday feels like it was three years ago. And this Saturday feels like it’s four years from now. That’s how you know it’s the NFL playoffs. The five days between playoff games for the first two rounds feel like forever. And there’s only so much hype and so many predictions and guarantees you can […]

NFL Wild-Card Week Picks

The Giants are playing with house money as they host the Falcons this weekend, and it’s time to salvage my picks season by picking the wild-card week games.

NFL Wild-Card Week Picks

I wanted to do my own “Shiva Blast” after the Giants finished off the Cowboys and clinched a playoff berth on Sunday night. But since I don’t have anything as catchy as “Shivakamini Somakandarkram,” I just went with a “Woooooooooooo!” and a combination of a Joba Chamberlain 360-fist pump mixed with a Francisco Cervelli “Mariano […]

And the Winner Is …

My plan is to co-write a book titled The Last Night of the Patriots Dynasty with Mike Hurley some day. On the cover I hope to have Jay Alford trying to actually end Tom Brady’s life from the final seconds of Super Bowl XLII, the way Mariano Rivera is standing hopelessly on the mound at […]

My Super Bowl Dilemma

This column was originally published on on Jan. 11, 2011. I hate football. Not really, but the Giants are giving me no choice. Two weeks ago, I asked for three things for Christmas. I asked for the Yankees to produce something that resembles a starting rotation that can compete in the AL East, the […]

A Reality Check

I was born on September 19, 1986 — 29 days before the start of the Mets-Red Sox World Series. At this point in my life, a series of that magnitude would be the equivalent of the apocalypse. Mets. Red Sox. One team has to win. One team has to become world champion. It’s as terrifying […]