Welcome to Keefe To The City

I have never really been good at “hellos” or greetings in general. I’m always worried about getting my handshake right and making sure to say my own name that I always end up disregarding the other person telling me their name. Then I have to whisper to someone later to find out “So-and-so’s” name and hope that “So-and-so” doesn’t hear me asking what his or her name is.

I don’t think this is any different except I don’t have to say, “Hey, I’m Neil” or “Hi, I’m Neil” or “Hello, I’m Neil.” All I have to say is “Welcome,” which I think I have only said a handful of times in my life because who says “Welcome” aside from restaurant hosts, hotel concierges and pilots? The only times I can think of saying it would be while pretending to be Axl Rose and screaming the word in “Welcome to the Jungle,” or when trying to see how good of a Bob Sheppard impression I can do by saying in my best “Voice of God” voice, “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Yankee Stadium.”

Keefe To The City will complement my work on WFAN.com and CBSNewYork.com and will be a place for additional content with columns, blogs and podcasts and hopefully some other things down the line. I won’t be the only voice on this site as I have put together a team of contributors that will be announced within the next couple of weeks.

The site as it is now may change over the next couple of weeks as contributors start contributing, and it might change a few times in the next month or so. It probably won’t change as many times as Joe Girardi makes pitching changes in the late innings, but more like the amount of times John Tortorella changes line combinations. (But don’t worry, we won’t be benching Marian Gaborik in the Eastern Conference finals here.)

The first column for the site, “A Sunday with John and Suzyn” is up and there will be new content in various formats posted every weekday from here on out. I hope you enjoy the site, and for more on the site and updates and information, you can follow Keefe To The City on Twitter or check out the Facebook page.

Thanks for stopping by,

Neil Keefe