Podcast: Tim Duff

New York Jets

The Jets held a 21-3 lead over the Aaron Rodgers and the Packers at Lambeau Field in the Packers’ home opener a week after they were run out of Seattle. But like the Jets do and have done for decades, they found a way to blow that lead and lose the game. And they even lost a chance to tie the game in the fourth quarter thanks to a controversial timeout called from their sideline.

Before the start of the Jets’ season, I had my friend and lifelong optimistic Jets fan Tim Duff on the podcast to talk about his expectations for the Jets in 2014. He mentioned that he we would be at Lambeau Field for the Jets’ Week 2 game against the Packers, so after everything that unfolded in Green Bay, I knew I had to talk to him again about the Jets’ meltdown.