Podcast: Mike Cole

Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers

I didn’t care who won the NFC Championship Game as long as that team planned on beating the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX because everyone knew the Patriots were going to win the AFC Championship Game. I felt like the Seahawks had a better chance than the Packers because of their defense and because the Packers were only able to beat the Patriots by 5 at Lambeau Field this year, which is essentially a win for a road team there. If the Packers could barely handle the Patriots at Lambeau, playing them on a neutral field didn’t feel like it bode well. So when the Seahawks came back in miraculous fashion in the final minutes of a game they had given away, I felt confident in the NFC representative’s chances of winning the Super Bowl.

Mike Cole of NESN.com loves Boston sports, except for one team: the Patriots. Cole grew up in Massachusetts as a Packers fan and watched his team collapse in Seattle and give away a Super Bowl trip and now, like me, he will be rooting against the Patriots on Super Sunday. Cole joined me to talk about everything that went wrong for the Packers in the NFC Championship Game, how he grew up rooting against the Patriots, what to make of Aaron Rodgers’ career and we even touch on some hockey.