Podcast: JJ Barstool Sports New York

Vernon Wells

Two weeks ago, I did a podcast with JJ of Barstool Sports New York and during it, he made a joke that “everybody gets to be a Yankee once,” and it got me thinking about all of the players during the Brian Cashman era (1998-present), who have gotten to be Yankees. So JJ and I started throwing around some names and some more names and then some more names to the point where it made sense for both of us to make our own 25-man rosters of former Yankees using the rules that the players couldn’t have been drafted or debuted with the Yankees, couldn’t have played in more than three seasons with the Yankees and couldn’t currently be on the team.

JJ joined me as to unveil our versions of the Everybody Gets To Be A Yankee Once Team, which included some forgotten names and brought up both good and bad memories of the Yankees going back to 1998.