Podcast: Ben Kabak

David Robertson

Forty games to go. The Yankees begin their homestand on Tuesday night 7 1/2 games back in the division and 3 games back for the second wild card. It’s likely going to take somewhere between 25 and 27 wins for the Yankees to make the playoffs (or playoff in the case) and that would mean a 25-15 (.625), 26-14 (.650) or 27-13 (.675) finish. There hasn’t been anything to make anyone believe the Yankees at 63-59 (.516) are capable of going on a miracle run over the next six weeks, but if they are going to, it starts with a five- or six-win homestand.

Ben Kabak of River Ave. Blues joined me to talk about the Yankees’ chances of making the postseason, the bullpen decisions Joe Girardi has made while fighting for a playoff spot and what the Yankees are looking at when it comes to free agents for 2015, including their general manager.